Fusion Bomb - Pravda

Track Listing: 

  1. 1986  
  2. Powersource 
  3. Pravda 
  4. On The Fields Of Katyn  
  5. The Masses Breakfast  
  6. Beertroopers Of Death



From Luxemburg, labelled as thrash but more so leaning towards a crossover style, Fusion Bomb’s debut EP is buried in the 80’s with its lyrical content and style. Lyrically, nuclear disasters such as the Chernobyl incident like the opener ‘1986’ albeit an instrumental using some news clips as its source with some rousing communist anthems played over the top and then the band proceed to relay the message that was then and that was we are on the brink of annihilation. 

The guitar sound is thick, the drums a little thin taking in the tempo and snare sound of many crossover bands with a quite short sharp cut off at odds with the sustain driven guitar sound, but only for the double time faster parts. But on the slower sections, like the start to ‘Powersource’, then the meat is thick and hefty.  The title track ‘Pravada’ is another Exodus fuelled start up, here the drums work with some cool double kick drums patterns amongst the tireless melodic riffing. The vocals are more crossover in style, where in places shows up the slower sections as sounding weaker on inferior sound systems. But in all fairness, varying your listening source will prove a good use of your time. ‘On the Fields of Katyn’ varies the mood and keeps up the entertainment levels at the mid to fast pace. The faster more crossover sections lose power for me. Although there is a particular section around the 4 minutes mark that hits the spot perfectly and is a real powerhouse when the tempo crawls into submission. ‘Beertroopers Of Death’ adds a touch of humour or realism to the bands style, without making it a joke. The passion is certainly commendable, where the hell did the death growl and drum patterns come from!

All in all, Fusion Bomb are taking thrash into crossover realms occasionally, the presentation may be modern but the spirit is of the old guard. The EP has a fast burning desire to let it be heard, and whilst not the best effort of recent times, it’s very worthy of your time and effort tracking down a proper copy of the release.

Label Name: 
Self released