Gutted By One Man - 4 Way Split

Gutted By One Man
Track Listing: 

  1. Bonesaw Lobotomy - Abominable Savagery
  2. Bonesaw Lobotomy - Gagged With A Crowbar
  3. Bonesaw Lobotomy - Unspeakable Acts Of Violence
  4. Mastectomy - Family Execution
  5. Mastectomy - March Against Humanity
  6. Mastectomy - Multiple Pavulon Injections
  7. Mastectomy - Squeezing The Trigger
  8. Hate Inclination - Reciprocal Ritual Of Mutilation
  9. Hate Inclination - The Rubble Of Murderous Conquest
  10. Hate Inclination - Extragalactic Infinity
  11. Hate Inclination - Abstruse Torture
  12. Numbered With The Transgressors - Commencing The Mechanics Of Dismemberment
  13. Numbered With The Transgressors - Murderous Initiation
  14. Numbered With The Transgressors - On The Autopsy Table
  15. Numbered With The Transgressors - Beneath The Shovel Load



Ok now. Split CDs are just like a live show to me. The same feeling only in studio. 4-5 or some less/more bands together in a CD. Damn it how cool is that? Right? "Gutted By One Man" is a concept (if I may use the term) 4 way split CD, featuring only one man bands. Now… One man bands can be a really tricky and diverse subject as they tend to divide the death metal society to those in favor or against. Most of the opposes are mainly because of the drum programming. It's all the same to me. As far as programming and stuff stays in the studio and is executed without exaggerations. Enough with the rubbish talk though. Let's get straight to the music. 

First band to break the silence is Bonesaw Lobotomy from the UK. They play a really brutal aspect of Incantation  in their slammy outfit. Can you imagine something like that? The main riffs are satanic and old school-ish but there's deep gravity there and some really heavy chops that only slam bands use. Vocals and drum patterns are also slam oriented. Really interesting approach from this British dude here and moving on to the second band. 

Mastectomy is a Polish o.m.b and what he plays is also brutal death metal music, slammy and heavy with really diverse vocals. From deep gutturals to black metal shrieks the vocals seem to be making the difference here. The music is what the typical death metal fan would expect from such a band. Heavy and partially really fast, full on blast beats giving their place to groove and back to blast again. Nice try. 

Next band comes all the way from the States. Mr Caleb Liles from the USA is behind Hate Inclination, and what we get is a really chaotic brutal death metal savagery unmatched. Vocals seem to be a bit behind in the mix but I think this is how Hate Inclination should sound. Fast, blasty and rough. This is what you get from the American. The heaviness is there, the intensity is there. Pretty much everything. Technical and rough. Tricky combination as usually technicality needs clarity but in this case I think it works in favor of Hate Inclination. 

Last band on this platter of demise is Numbered With The Transgressors. A band from USA also, with the name picked from Isaiah 53:12, and this guy here is the one closer to slam than from the 4 of the bands. NWTT is what we'd call, a slam band. Heavy chops and mid tempo grooves with a heavy bass guitar and deep gutturals, leading to a bulldozer-heavy outcome. Really nice effort.  

What I could leave as a note here for the ones willing to give it a listen, is that all bands have from average to good programming, which adds a lot to the outcome of it. The production is not an overall process which means that each band has its own sound here (something I love at split CDs). You'll get from heavy to rough here but not shitty. Of course all words spoken here are swirling around brutal death metal-slam genre and type of sound. Which means that before you give it a shot, you have to wear your rough ears. A release of 2015 from Rotten Music recs, and a really nice effort from 4 really promising and fresh one-man-bands out there. Give it a shot lads.

Label Name: 
Rotten Music