Gutted - Mankind Carries The Seeds Of Hell

Mankind Carries The Seeds Of Hell
Track Listing: 
  1. As The Sun Paints Everything Black
  2. Memory Devourer
  3. Lurking In The Shadow
  4. When The Gods Are Not Creating
  5. World Of Mine
  6. Souls Of The Raped Children
  7. Take Then To Hell’s Fire
  8. The Fountain

This is the third full length release from this Hungarian death/grind band that was formally known as Genocide. When i first spun this album, the skip button was more often than not the main source of entertainment, the noise was simply overpowering, but not necessarily in a good way. Subsequent listens provide more of a key to my initial thoughts. The drums are essentially all over the place, the tempos often lose momentum and sound out of time, and there is a clicking noise, ugh! I have found the saving grace of the release in the guitar work, but with special reference to the brutal death metal vocal rasp, thankfully not following the cookie monster code. ‘Memory Devourer’ would have a perfect groove, but for the rampant time signature changes, before you get a chance to enjoy the music, we are off again into another tempo, herein lies my issue.

This is a release with some killer riffs and triumphant vocal exercises, but the crux or the low point of this release is the chaotic arrangements. Though, with numerous listens, you get a good appreciation of what these guys are trying to do. Like me, you may well try investigating earlier releases to try and gauge progression, it’s unlikely, but one would hope that this will give the band a fairer justification for the chaos on this current release. For the positives, Gutted have some decent ideas, but if only they would be allowed to develop, anyone can play a million notes and riffs in any one track, the art is arranging them into cohesive songs that endures the listeners staying power, but one thing that I can say about this release that it will blow your mind with its sheer ferocity.

Label Name: 
Soulflesh Collector