GxSxD - The Adversary

The Adversary
Track Listing: 

  1. To Die For
  2. Another
  3. The Abyss
  4. Mercy Killing
  5. Requiem
  6. Choices
  7. Chaos World
  8. Squall
  9. Nightmare
  10. Await
  11. Abhorrence
  12. Day Of Suffering
  13. Fate



GxSxD are a death metal band from Japan and 'The Adversary' is their 2016 sophomore release. The band are new to my ears,  despite being a massive death metal addict this comes as a surprise as they're Facebook profile shows a great potential with a hefty ammount of followers for their current form. 

Whilst 'The Adversary' barely packs any surprising features that claw for my attention, the production is polished off perfectly as it blasts through my laptop speakers and already sounds better than most modern metal releases. The crisp, pummelling riffs of 'Chaos World' would appeal to any death metal fanatic as the haunting atmospheric riffage and heavy vocals initiate throughout. 

All of the tracks supply a great backbone of melody, which can be a rare atribute for bands within this genre. Yet done well, GxSxD are certainly capable of cooking up some tasty sounding extreme metal. It is the band's vocalist that are one of the flaws, as these vocals appear bland next to the insturmental wizardry. Although they are certainly not weak, but perhaps a little diversity or depth would cater for a more tasteful listen. 

The album's standout tracks for me are the already mentioned, 'Chaos World', 'Squal', and album finisher 'Fate' which beforehand is greeted by a gentle instrumental track. The band have the potential to breach out, explore and develop into something unique and monstrous, with 'The Advesary' I can tell this is just the baby steps of what could become a future icon in the scene. 

Label Name: 
Pulverised Records