Hereza - I Become Death

I Become Death
Track Listing: 
  1. I Become Death
  2. Jebem Vas U Usta Ladna
  3. Homo Homini Lupus Est
  4. Uništi, Pali, Ruši
  5. In The Name Of God
  6. Full Moon Slaughter
  7. Neplodna Jama
  8. Torn From The Death's Bed
  9. Pošast
  10. Tombcrawlerse The Disgrace
  11. Mud




The ever brewing, black bubbling, toxic stew that is the growing roster of Godz Ov War Productions continues to spit out bile on the world with some new releases for the New Year. Croatia’s gruesome twosome Hereza return with their second album "I Become Death".

Musically it’s business as usual. it’s still the black and grimy death metal that brings to mind the dark sounds of early Swedish death metal and the pummeling British sound of Bolt Thrower and Benediction and sits somewhere nicely in the middle. It also has a punk feel to it. Much like how Gorerotted or The Rotted used to play death metal in a punk song structure.

It’s ferocious and relentless but has melodic leads throughout opening track 'Full Moon Slaughter' for example sounds like it could come straight from Entombed’s "Left Hand Path" but has this awesome Iron Maiden melody running through its chorus. The title track kicks in like a baseball bat to the face and is punishing throughout. The blazing 'Neplodna Jama' is just under two minutes punishing thrash followed by 'Popast' which carries things on with a nice crust edge. 'Torn From The Grave' is a more mid paced number and has a great groove. 

I really like this album, it’s raw and furious and dark. It’s short and sharp; there isn’t a wasted minute on the album. The band just burst in, kicks the shit out of you and leave you wondering what the hell just happened. Brilliant! If you were a fan of the first album it’s just what you are hoping for.

Label Name: 
Godz Ov War Productions