Higher Than - Purgatory Airlines

Purgatory Airlines
Track Listing: 

  1. Higher Than A Plane Can Fly  
  2. Broken Tales  
  3. Swords Up 
  4. Miss Mindend 
  5. Strike Back  
  6. Purgatory Airlines  
  7. R.I.S.K. Taker  
  8. Unchained Tiger  
  9. Near & Far  
  10. You Gotta Make A Choice  
  11. Room Service  
  12. My Own Memories (M.O.M)  
  13. I Don't Wanna



French metal pure and simple! In fact, I found this odd to be requested here, but still the music, wow, this takes me back. When I say that, you may not figure after the first few tracks, but as this album develops and you herald more of the fine music, melody and riffage, then this makes me think to bands comparable to Skid Row, Slaughter (the Mark Slaughter one!), Spread Eagle and similar artists. Those that were more metal than the Hollywood strip scene, those which came out whilst that fad was dying. 

Now hang on, before you recoil in disgust, may I remind you, this is more than a scene and image, when music is music, it’s all cool right? The title track 'Purgatory Airlines' has you hooked on the melody, the vocal line that is gnarly and a touch gravelly. Then you have the swift guitar riffs that hit all the ranges. Over the course of the album you get everything, melody, hard and heavy guitar sections, lighter more groove orientated structures and of course the ballad! Now this ballad, hmm, the power is pretty special ('Near & Far'). If you like current Lillian Axe, then this will fit. For a more foot stomping thing, then head over to 'You Gotta Make A Choice'. Again, vocal melody going hand in hand with the music makes this a very warm track and album overall.

Out of my initial surprise to my continuous support of this album, Higher Than has a great album, one of those that lives with you and is like a reliable old friend. Without being too weak minded, its rocks, it serenades, its everything a more mature listener may want. If you are drawn exclusively to full on raging death, black, gore, or grind (and the many other sub-genres), you may pass this by.

Label Name: 
Self released