Hyde Abbey - The Devil Spokeman

The Devil Spokesman
Track Listing: 

  1. The Message
  2. We Will Fight
  3. Who Is Afraid Now?
  4. Scuff Your Pain
  5. Bake Kujira
  6. Black Death
  7. Face Blindness
  8. The Devil
  9. Mantrap
  10. We Are One
  11. A Way To Live



'The Devil Spokesman' may lack a punch in overall production for a third record from Spanish bruisers, Hyde Abbey, but that's not to say the album is at all disappointing. Greeted by hordes of aggressively catchy riffs and hooks born from their metalcore and deathcore peers, the album delves deep into a more early 21st century approach, and if this record did drop in that timelime, it would of been an absolute banger within the realm of the core fanatics. 

Thundering riffs are addictive throughout each track, somewhat memorable too whilst the vocals are a contrast of barraging guttural lows against high pitched barks, a style that oldschool Chelsea Grin fans would greedily lap up. These vocals are consistent throughout, along with the odd gang-chant thrown in every now and then for diversity, and crowd pleasing reasons. 

The album is heavy that's for sure, but it's carefully structured with a melodic backbone in it's entirety. This enables the complete record to combat maturity in the genre, avoiding comical references, and focusing solely on their instrumental abilities to push any boundaries that the majority of metalcore bands would purely lack. It's this type of focus and capability that really brights up the genre, as if the album were a gleaming gem hidden among heaves of coal. 

I couldn't ultimately pick a favourite track on the album, but genuinely enjoyed everything that was displayed here. The record could halt listeners around about halfway through, but this tends to happen alot with bands in the genre, and is not down to the actual musicianship of the guys in Hyde Abbey, but perhaps this could of served better as a long EP instead to continue listener interest. Without hearing any back catalogue from the band, I can only describe 'The Devil Spokesman' as an intelligently written album, and that the band can only progress further if they keep their progression as tight as the songs on this album and I have no doubts this is the case here considering this record is full of blistering heavy and melodic core anthems waiting to be unleashed. 

Label Name: 
Self released