Incarceration – Catharsis

Track Listing: 

  1. The Beckoning
  2. Evoking The Possession
  3. Devouring Darkness
  4. Infernal Suffering
  5. Chaos And Blasphemy
  6. Purification
  7. Obsessed By Death
  8. Neverending Agony
  9. Resignation
  10. Into The Blackest Void



I have had my eye on this band for a few months. I really enjoyed their "Sacrifice" EP and looked forward to seeing them open for Dead Congregation on the tour the two bands are currently on. After seeing them the other night in London I was blown away and picked up their highly anticipated debut album from their merch stand. 

Incarceration is a three piece from Brazil. "Catharsis" an intense listen. In just under half an hour Incarceration manage to cram in death metal played with a crust punk intensity which borderlines on grindcore at times. The albums begins in short sharp bursts with minute and a half songs but in the second half the songs get slightly longer and closes with a 7 minute track 'Into The Blackest Void' which is slow and melodic and builds up as it goes along. It shows the band have lots more musical territory to explore in the future.  That’s what’s so interesting about this album is that it’s so fast and intense but they throw in a curve ball now and then and show they are far from a one track pony. 'Devouring Darkness' for example has this brilliantly darkly melody in its introduction. Front man Daniel Silva has a harsh, rough hardcore vocal which suits the music perfectly.

Seeing them live this week helped me get the album a bit quicker and I can tell you this band are the real deal. They play with such fury and passion and you can tell the band love metal in all forms to their very core and they deserve any success that comes their way. This album is furiously good and you need it in your life.

Label Name: 
F.D.A. Rekotz