Incineration - Dawn Of Dismemberment

Dawn Of Dismemberment
Track Listing: 

  1. The Razor Strapon
  2. Fornicating The Flock
  3. The Pelvic Stretch
  4. Dawn Of Dismemberment
  5. The Skinning Column
  6. Cesspool Of The Green Turds
  7. Ejaculation Chamber
  8. Fecal Syrup
  9. Sewer Self Abuse Crescendo
  10. Y.M.A.S.P.O.S.A.B.B.G.R.M.C
  11. Baptized In Anal Discharge
  12. Cerebral Cereal (cover Pyaemia)



From one of the cradles of civilization Greece, comes Incineration, a brutal death metal trio formed in 2005 that is going to incinerate you with its brutal attack. “Dawn Of Dismemberment” is the third album and in my opinion is better than the two previous albums. The brutal death metal of this band is in the wave of bands from Gorgasm, the most in my opinion, or Dissavowed, even Cryptopsy in some parts, or Dying Fetus in others, and in general all the brutal death metal scene, but not the slam one. 

Incineration is a machine of fast as hell brutal death metal, it is not technical death metal but enough to see that these guys have done a hard and good job, it is difficult to play instruments so fast and sound clear.

No place for tenderness, just the opposite, the titles of songs say all, 'The Razor Strappon', 'Fornicating The Flock', 'Fecal Syrup'… are some examples of the extreme vision of these guys, even funny in some way, I´m sure lyrics are pure poetry, also intros of gore films and some funny sounds. The final track is a cover of the great Pyaemia 'Cerebral Cereal', as you listen to this band you realize that is one of their influences and this cover fits perfectly in this album.

A good album of true brutal death metal with attitude, if you can see them touring you will enjoy a good ration of brutality. A good job, no doubt.

Label Name: 
Self released