Incineration – Promo 2016

Promo 2016
Track Listing: 

  1. Sewer Self Abuse Crescendo
  2. The Skinning Column
  3. Baptised in Anal Discharge
  4. Your Motherfucking Anus Stinking Piece of Shit Ashole Bitchy Bastard Gonorrhea Reeking Cunt Mouth



With two albums and a couple of splits out I was surprised that this newest offering is being touted as a promo rather than an EP. I am unfamiliar with the bands previous work except for giving the last album a sporadic listen to see what it was like and it is clear that this Greek band loves brutal death metal and in particular have an affection for primevil Suffocation. 

Opening is 'Sewer Self Abuse Crescendo' with a silly sound bite about masturbation before gutting the listener with a good riff and half blasted beat as the vocals vomit forth in waves of purulent infection. I wasn’t too enamoured with the drum sound especially the snare which has that biscuit tin can style I have never liked but accustomed myself to over the years. The slamming riff and double kick hurtle the song towards it’s finale complete with Cannibal Corpse fret tweaks.  Continuing the bludgeoning is 'The Skinning Column' which starts with a great riff as the tune propels itself into blast realms. I do like the riff breaks, they’re very Slayeresque without cloning adding power to the songs alongside a supreme viciousness that reminded me of Sinister’s debut “Cross The Styx” (which if you’ve not heard then you definitely should).  

The sample that starts 'Baptised In Anal Discharge' is disturbing and typical of the brutal death metal scene as yet another excellent riff erupts from the song. The vocals take on a whole new level of deepness as the guy bellows like Suffocation’s Frank Mullen back in the 90s. Again, the riff insertion works well allowing the track to energise with each passing change whilst the vocals continue to drown the listener in bile ridden rancidness. Closing the release is a sub 30 second piece of straight up dementedness with a ridiculous song title I won’t type out. 

This is a decent release and was initially a 150 CD run which looks like it has sold out so digital only for the moment unless a repress is made which the band probably should as it’s worth having.

Label Name: 
Self released