Inhuman Entity - Kingdom Of False Divinity

Kingdom Of False Divinity
Track Listing: 

  1. Crucified And Eviscerated
  2. Imposing Inhuman Aberration
  3. Neron
  4. Monuments Of Putrid Flesh



First release from Inhuman Entity and things couldn't get better. Setting off in the right foot here, the trio from Chile play brutal death metal, in really wrathful manner, giving out their most cruel intentions. 

Rotten Music is the label and after you push the play button for the first time on "Kingdom Of False Divinity", their horror will unfold before your eyes. Heavy sounding guitar riffs, filled with palm muted chops and swirling interleaves, along with a fat and tight bass guitar, build up tight song constructions under the relentless hammering of the drum kit. Blast-beats and super fast double kick drum come in handy and they are a tool the drummer seems to know really well. 'Crucified And Eviscerated', 'Imposing Inhuman Aberration', 'Neron' and 'Monuments Of Putrid Flesh' are the four tracks you can find in this first EP of Inhuman Entity. 

Rough and relentless performance on all four of them. Will bring a lot in mind bands as early Krisiun (mostly in the roughness of the sound), Disgorge and basically any primitive brutal death metal shit you can imagine. Great slammy parts used as interleaves to break the blasting routine before they return to it once again, but the part that had me going with them here, besides the great songs themselves of course, is the raw sound they achieved. Muddy as it should be and of course not the clarity most technical brutal death metal bands have but...hay man...this is brutal death metal and personally I believe this is the proper way to make it sound. Forget about clean shit. Swamp- type production for the win. 

The growler behind the mic, comes as the final touch in an already brutal material. Growls grunts and pig squeals are weapons available at his arsenal and can be found plenty throughout the entire 15 minutes of this first EP from those bastards. A band with potential here fellows. Heads up. Waiting for their full...

Label Name: 
Rotten Music