Invasion - Orchestrated Kill Maneuver

Orchestrated Kill Maneuver
Track Listing: 

1. Devil's Garden (Journey Through...)
2. Bayoneted And Butchered
3. And Three Survived (The Sinking Of The HMS Hood)
4. Firestorm In Dresden
5. Infinate Waves Of Human Flesh
6. War Machine
7. Orchestrated Kill Maneuver
8. Stalemate
9. Stuka Ju-87 (Sturzkampfflugzeug)
10. When Trumpets Fade
11. Black Thursday (Traped In A B-17)
12. Breach Of The Seigfried Line


Invasion (USA) were at first an unknown band to me, but after 5 seconds of this their second album, they are pretty much unstoppable in my book. Laying waste to the old school death metal sound, like those godfathers in Stockholm, Sweden, war features in the lyrics and titles rather heavily. It is a rather heavy production that lends itself to a perfect buzzsaw guitar tone ripping your brain from your head. ‘And Three Survived’ has groove, a wonderful mid section of groove in fact, in parallel it mixes classic up tempo death and mite to encapsulate your lust for all things old, crusty and very heavy. In some areas, or depending on which or what sound system you spin this album, the bass heavy production sometimes masks the delivery of the other instruments, especially the vocals, but this is certainly a powerful recording that will annoy your neighbours no doubt. The tapping of the snare drum makes a good comparison to a marching bands timekeeper, keeping the momentum flowing and partaking in flourishes of skin bashing when the mood takes you into Invasion’s battlefront. If you like old Swedish Death and Asphyx in terms of heaviness not speed, you need to get a hold of a copy of this album. ‘Stuka JU-87’ is rather fast, terrifically executed and basically, all you need to work the body and soul. Take the atmosphere to the start of ‘Black Thursday (Trapped in a B-17) and prepare for the oncoming onslaught, it sometimes feels chaotic, maybe the drums go out of sync, but you will certainly be kept entertained by the time changes and rapid expulsion of filth. 

Invasion had me at the guitar tone if the truth were told, if not for the want of this rotten release, aptly released on Rotten Corpse Records; I would be malingering in the generic standard death releases that come out quite regular in these current times. That said, you will not find anything totally new or different about Invasion, ‘Orchestrated Kill Maneuvre’ is simply a strong solid release, not trying to be technical nor trying to fool the listener by quite plainly flexing muscles and making comment on the wars and battles of fairly recent 20th Century history. Be prepared to ‘Breach of the Siegfried Line’.

Label Name: 
Rotting Corpse Records