Irmin - The Summoning

The Summoning
Track Listing: 

1. Zwarte Tedering
2. Dance Of Fire
3. The Rise Of Irmin
4. And The Curtain Falls…
5. Dark Lord
6. Bonus Track


Black metal with thrash influences hailing out from the Netherlands. On "The Summoning" you will find clear riffs and tracks that are brutal yet symphonic in parts, all wrapped in a very darkened esoteric atmosphere. I really love the vocal style here and am very impressed with how this album has been put together. This may not be the most tighest albums but it is a great promo and gets a 4/5 making it worth checking out, giving you a taste on what to look forward to from Irmin in the future. (review by Kindra RavenMoon)

Label Name: 
Self released