Iron Fire - Among The Dead

Among The Dead
Track Listing: 

  1. Intro (The Lost City)  
  2. Among The Dead 
  3. Hammer Of The Gods 
  4. Tornado Of Sickness  
  5. Higher Ground 
  6. Iron Eagle  
  7. Made To Suffer  
  8. The Last Survivor  
  9. No Sign Of Life  
  10. Ghost From The Past  
  11. When The Lights Go Out  
  12. For Whom The Bell Tolls (cover Metallica)



This is Danish power metal, admittedly I haven’t heard any of their material since their debut album "Thunderstorm" some 16 years ago although the strong and often gruff vocal of Martin Steene still remains as solid as ever. This band were always more than power metal if you think back 16 years, they had and still have more balls in their arrangements often missing classic heavy metal, although I don’t figure the Metallica cover at the tail of this album to be honest (which is pretty cool actually to be fair).

'Hammer Of The Gods' has a high degree of melody and sing along moments, bouncy but yet powerful, resisting the temptation that many followed to add other non-stringed instruments to their arsenal. 'Tornado Of Sickness' gets a touch dirtier with a much more staccato guitar style and brings up the pomp and epic chorus lines later through the track that sounds again very much powerful. 'When The Lights Go Out' is a softer ballad type tune, showcasing vocal ability and a majestic piece of guitar work for the chorus. 'Iron Fire' is the true epic number, leaning towards the greats of German power metal, exhuming emotion and a strong guitar presence throughout.

"Among The Dead" is a release that should appeal to most power metal fans, it’s got more balls that most and mirrors a familiar feeling I had with their debut album all those years ago. The vocal delivery is key, but also the tone and delivery of the guitar riffs and leads. Whilst not blessed thankfully with over the top epic tunes, "Among The Dead" does what it needs to with the right amount of balance without being too over the top. A strong effort indeed.

Label Name: 
Crime Records