Kamelot - Ghost Opera: The Second Coming

Ghost Opera: The Second Coming
Track Listing: 

1. Solitaire [Live]
2. Ghost Opera [Live]
3. The Human Stain [Live]
4. Mourning Star [Live]
5. When The Lights Are Down [Live]
6. Abandoned [Live]
7. The Haunting [Live]
8. Memento Mori [Live]
9. Epilogue [Live]
10. March Of Mephisto [Live]
11. Season's End
12. Pendulous Fall
13. Epilogue
14. Rule The World [Remixed]


Kamelot is founded in 1992 by Thomas (guitars) and Richard (drums) and 2 years later their debut was released. In 1997 Khan entered on vocals and with this powerful vocalist things going upwards.
In 2007 they released the album "Ghost Opera" and before their new tour they are re-releasing it again but this time with a bonus disc containing a live gig from Serbia. On this tour Kamelot is still mixing various styles into a homogenous and distinctive combination. The songs of Kamelot consist of power metal, gothic and all together in a progressive element. The songs are straightforward mid tempo but also ballads are captured in this atmospheric concert. The only thing is that the audience is mixed way into the background and for the rest enjoy. As another bonus you find 4 tracks that were released on a japanese version and you have two videos. So for the Kamelot fans a nice re issue of "Ghost Opera".

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