Kauan - Lumikuuro

Track Listing: 

1. Alku
2. Aamu Ja Kaste
3. Lumikuuro
4. Savu
5. Koivun Elama
6. Syleily Sumu
7. Villiruusu
8. Syleily Sumu (Acoustic)


The artwork of "Lumikuuro" looks peaceful with the painted color tree. But this album of Finnish Kauan is more of a dark sinister trip in a peacful environment. It opens with a quiet piano intro and followed by a slow doom dark epos with rasping black metal styles vocals, back up by choir voices. Again the piano is playing his black and white keys and interact with slow distroted riffing guitars. But the thick distorting is changing with clear picking rhythms. The songs flow like a playing ocean wave in a dark moonlite night. And so the songs flow and even a violin is being used to create that atmosphere in track "Villiruusu" where he is also chainging his singing voice. You hear a higher clean one, piano ticking and accoustic guitars. And so is the last song, accoustic dwelling to an end on a calm wave.
"Lumikuuro" is an entertaining album to relax to, sinister in a dark night in the first half as in the second half it is becoming light and the wave crawls on to the beach to rest...

Label Name: 
BadMoonMan Music