Kawir - Ophiolatreia

Track Listing: 

1. Moirae
2. Rhea (Meter Theon)
3. Poseidon
4. Nemesis
5. Ares (The God Of War)
6. To Pallas
7. Hephaistos
8. Opholatreia
9. Aeiozoon Pyr


Kawir is a band formed in 1993 and "Ophiolatreia" is their 4th full length album and contains 9 tracks. Kawir is playing a mixture of pagan/folk metal with black metal. Aggressive and raw screaming vocals together with folkish singing. Musically it goes from raging black metal to the (folkish) breakdowns. Keyboards are used but not in a dominant way but more as an addition to the sphere. Guitars are doing melodic riffing but not too complicated and there are no leads instead there are key leads. In my opinion guitar leads could give it more power and aggression but that is their choice.
"Ophiolatreia" is a good album with nice melodies and tempo chnages and although the band is more convincing in the fast parts Kwair is closing with a nice ballad like song. For more tunes you have to visit their MySpace site.

Label Name: 
Those Opposed Records