Loathfinder – The Great Tired Ones

The Great Tired Ones
Track Listing: 

  1. Genetic Gloom
  2. Feast On My Entrails
  3. Scents Of Regression
  4. The Great Tired Ones



There’s not a lot of information readily available on Loathfinder. What I do know is that they are from Poland. "The Great Tired Ones" is their debut EP being released on Godz Ov War Productions. One of the underground’s most reliable record labels. 

What we get here is four track of mournful, heavy yet melodic doom metal with a nice black metal finish. If you take the vocals out of the equation it brings to mind early Paradise Lost or early Swallow The Sun now add tortured black metal style vocals. Sounds good? It fucking is! The main riff that drives 'Feast On My Entrails' is absolutely superb! 'Genetic Gloom' captures wonderfully a melancholy during its quiet passage before exploding into action and again the use of melody adds to the heaviness wonderfully. I rarely listen to Doom because most of the time it bores me and it’s so good when a band like Loathfinder comes along and convinces me I should seek out more. The dirty bass introduction on 'Scents Of Regression' is great but when it kicks in… delicious! Finishing with a near 10 minute epic title track with its beautifully haunting solo before its crushing climax it is pretty clear that there is something very special about this band and great things are to come.

This EP is well worth picking up, (I say EP but it’s longer than "Reign In Blood" so…) 4 awesome tracks with fantastic artwork. There’s lots of potential here and I look forward to a devastating full length from this mob soon!

Label Name: 
Godz Ov War Productions