Lucifer’s Cold Embrace – Sovereign Heresy

Sovereign Heresy
Track Listing: 

  1. Rising
  2. Black Death
  3. The Gift Of Life
  4. Serpentine Flames - Embers Of Hate
  5. The Shepherd's Rod



“Sovereign Heresy” is the debut EP from Lucifer’s Cold Embrace, a one man project from the Netherlands. Martin Van Beek performs everything here, playing a nice modern take on black metal with some serious orchestral backing.

With a 2 minute introduction aside what we have here is 4 tracks totaling up at 20 minutes. We have black metal with nice clean, clear production backed up with massive symphonic keyboards much in the same vein as Dimmu Borgir and Septicflesh (or dare I say Emperor!). All the tracks are well thought out and full of atmosphere. Each finds a nice balance of heaviness and melody. 'The Gift Of Life' being particularly memorable. Especially the line "death is the orgasm of life!” 'Serpentine Flames' is the highlight and the catchiest. While there is plenty of variety here in terms of style and sound it tends to be covered all in one track rather than over a couple of tracks which gives off a here one track you have heard them all vibe which isn’t a terrible thing because all the songs are good but all is really revealed on the first track. 

A bit more content would have been nice but all in all it is highly enjoyable and if you are a fan of the more modern black metal and if you are a Fan of Dimmu Borgir or Septicflesh you really can’t go wrong here, there are stacks of potential. Martin Van Beek is a talented song writer and with the right backing and budget, the sky is the limit!

Label Name: 
Self released