Malevolent Creation – Envenomed

Track Listing: 

  1. Homicidal Rant
  2. Night Of The Long Knives
  3. Kill Zone
  4. Halved
  5. Serial Dementia
  6. Bloodline Severed
  7. Pursuit Revised
  8. Conflict
  9. Viral Release
  10. The Deviant's March
  11. Envenomed
  12. Perish In Flames (cover Dark Angel)
  13. Epileptic Seizure
  14. Confirmed Kill



Malevolent Creation as you are all well aware are one of the cornerstone death metal bands and have always remained consistent in their output and in terms of how big they were as a band. Taking their cue from the thrash bands that went that more extreme and touched upon what would eventually evolve into death metal. Bands such as Kreator, Dark Angel and the like. While Malevolent Creation would fully transition into death metal on their second album “Retribution” they still kept that thrash influence and walked the fine line between the two. As stated earlier the band has always been reliable and like all the best death metal bands be it Cannibal Corpse or Vader they have always delivered albums at a certain standard. While some are better than others they never released flat out shit album. 

“Envenomed” was always the hidden gem in the bands catalogue and while “The Ten Commandments” and “Retribution” are rightfully considered classics I feel “Envenomed” was the band’s later day classic. Those first two albums are the best place to start but this album is for the fully fledged fan. 

“Envenomed” is just one of those albums where everything came together. Nothing was on this album that you didn’t get before but on this release the stars aligned. They had a fantastic line up. Having come together on the previous album “The Fine Art Of Murder” this particular line up was a well oiled machine which was firing from all cylinders. Rob Barrett was still in the band at that point. Dave Culross one of metal’s most under rated drummers give a punishing, relentless performance and Brett Hoffman gives one of the performances of his career. From the opening catchy as fuck 'Homicidal Rant' to the haunting melodies of the borderline black metal 'Kill Zone' to the break neck rhythm of 'Conflict' and the blasts of Halved” this is 40 minutes of balls to the wall death metal. 

Having been giving a fantastic makeover by Repulsive Echo Records it sounds and looks awesome, it has all new artwork. It includes the three bonus tracks which were on the limited edition of the original release. The highlight of the three is the awesome cover of Dark Angel’s 'Perish In Flames' another nice touch is a passionate essay by Deron Miler from Cky and World Under Blood given a great look at the bands history and an in depth look into the album in question.

This is a fantastic new edition of a fantastic, somewhat overlooked album. This is the perfect time to invest. I for one already have the original album and I bought this new edition and am very happy to have reinvested. So here it is folks check out this amazing album be it for the first time or a revisit.

Label Name: 
Repulsive Echo Records