Meatknife – Pimple With Pus

Pimple With Pus
Track Listing: 

  1. Cuntata Of Grind
  2. Splasher
  3. Comat053
  4. The Revenge Of The China Man
  5. Godfucking Bitch Butcher
  6. DSDGS
  7. Hol Up To Blaarn
  8. Come Down Of Life
  9. Dampfwalze
  10. Pimple With Pus
  11. Pestilence
  12. Grindover
  13. Döp, De Döp...
  14. Chopped Up Cohonez (cover Libido Airbag)



This German death metal band has slithered under my death metal radar as they already have five albums out and now there is a sixth release of knuckle dragging mayhem in the vein of ultra-brutal deathliness. Previously the band’s last full length was ten years ago with only a couple of splits in the interceding period. Short, nasty and dripping with gore this sixth full length equates to Cro-Magnon man smashing up boulders with a club as the opener 'Cuntata Of Grind' acts as an intro for 'Splasher' with immediate grindcore Carcass like references. The vocals verge on the ridiculous being gut churning bellows, barfs, groans that have no decipherability whatsoever making the pit bull dogs used as vocals in vegan grinders Caninus sound eloquent and crooning.  

As you’d expect the band provides us with sound samples as the slamming riff of 'Comat0533' begins with a can being opened (beer I’m guessing at) as the riff slops out of the speakers ready for a blast insertion. Musically this is pretty catchy stuff if you don’t want your grey matter challenged too much. A chainsaw starts up 'Godfucking Butcher Bitch' with accompanying banshee scream that leads into the riff in a sort of Mortician style, if you remember them. Most of the songs are very similar as 'DSDGS' increases the pace momentarily before allowing the vocal emanations to puke forth with varying tones that often sound like the dying death of a sci-fi monster on TV and film with a robotic tone being used. 

'Dampfwalze', translating as steam roller I believe, is exactly what it says as the track rolls over the listener with a flurry of blast, slamming riffs and vocals sounding like the guy is gargling on bitumen. A very silly sample starts the title track before leading into a wall of riffing and possibly the best structured song on the release though complexity isn’t what this band is aiming to do. The blending of muscly slam riffs with a more death metal like rhythm section is decent making the track a little more identifiable. An air raid siren introduces 'Pestilence' as by now I was tiring of the vocals which have little in terms of variation as the pig grunting emanations on 'Grindover' have some semblance of tonal gradation but only just. 'Döp, De Döp…' is plain weird with an electronic over tone that links into the closing Libido Airbag cover, 'Chopped Up Cohonez', that spans eight minutes and is a band I have never really got into mainly due to their pornogrind theme which doesn’t appeal to me. The track is a marathon compared to the rest of the album with it veering from outright grind to electronic tinged powerviolence. 

It is difficult to see how this would appeal any further than to people who only listen to slam or brutal death metal without any tenets of technicality and whilst the playing is fine the overall result is one of straight up bludgeoning which for some will be all that is needed hence my relatively higher rating compared to how the album listens as a whole.

Label Name: 
Splatter Zombie Records