Menarca - Prognosi Infausta

Prognosi Infausta
Track Listing: 

  1. Intro
  2. Prognosi I
  3. Prognosi II
  4. Prognosi III
  5. Prognosi IV
  6. Prognosi V
  7. Prognosi VI
  8. Prognosi VII
  9. Prognosi VIII
  10. Dominate (cover Morbid Angel)/Outro



9 years after their demo of 2007 and several lineup changes, Menarca are here with their first full length baring the title "Prognosi Infausta". So a Bad Prognosis is what we get from the Italians and along with it, raging brutal and technical death metal in the path of Septycal Gorge, Devangelic and Hour Of Penance adding another name to the list of the Italian technical brutal death metal bands that kick ass. The album is brutal. Period. 

Swarming  blast beats and riffs covering a vast landscape of alternations one can get out of such brutality. CD breaks the silence with a surgical lab beep intro and then the first track enters. 'Prognosi 1' is the title (all song titles are 'Prognosi 1,2,3,4' …etc) and it is the epitome of technical brutal death metal. The technicality of the riffs meet the raging blast beats and the brutal vocals. It all blends together fine creating a wrathful music unmatched. Brutality at its finest here. 

Menacra are exquisite players and they prove this as long as the hearing proceeds. Their songs are cleverly set around major technical riffs which very often they tend to mix with groovy ones. Drums of course follow the patterns set by the guitar creating a brutal, relentless but not tiresome at all song structure. Very relieving to the ear as you get the hyper speed blasting up to a certain point and then you get to cool down the engines when the groovy or swirling interleave breaks and then when you feel comfortable enough the take you back to brutality. All this of course is created by players that know how to mix their shit together. It sounds super unique and cohesive so you can imagine we’re talking about brutal death metal elite here. 

Production of course helps a lot in making this blend brutal. Crystal clear and heavy and this is exactly what this type of brutal death metal needs. Ok maybe I would like it more if it was a bit dirtier but even so. We’re talking about a mix that is loud enough and let’s everything to be heard crystal clear. Every instrument has its own place in this one and of course they all work together as one. A cover on Morbid Angel’s 'Dominate' and 27 minutes of Italian technical brutal death metal come to an end. "Prognosi Infausta" is another reason for someone to cram his nose into the Italian scene. Brutal, heavy and wrathful technical death metal. Can’t hate that.

Label Name: 
Eyes Of The Dead Productions