Morast – Morast

Track Listing: 

  1. Purging
  2. Error
  3. Alleingang
  4. The Cold Side Of Bliss



Hailing from Germany is Morast. This band came to live in 2015 and this is their first demo. 4 tracks of dark and evil blackened death doom. 

The demo starts of with a nasty bass intro and speaking words that sound evil and rotten. This continues for a few seconds and then the rest falls in. Heavy and up tempo riffs that are dissonant and have a great old school vibe in it. Think of Celtic Frost but much heavier. The same goes for the drums, heavy as fuck. 

The second song on the demo is 'Error' and that takes it even to a darker level. More slower riffs that are sticking in my head. The 3rd song 'Alleingang' has that same groove and heaviness. What makes it different from the first 2 is the lead on the guitar that gives it a nasty feeling. The last song 'The Cold Side Of Bliss' is definitely my favorite. This song is way longer than the rest (about 2 minutes) but still interesting and doesn’t bore you to death. The production and variety are perfect. Every song passes by real easy and keeps my head moving. Heavy heavy as fuck!

Short conclusion about this album: this band definitely knows how to make slow transcending blackened death doom. Every song is evil ,nasty and dark with a big 90's vibe. The vocals and music reminds me a lot of Triptykon and Celtic Frost. 4 tracks that fly by and gives you an empty feeling when it’s done. Very well done! This is their first demo, I wouldn't be surprised if this band will grow big.

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