Morbid Messiah – In The Name Of True Death Metal

In The Name Of True Death Metal
Track Listing: 
  1. Intro
  2. I Am Your Lord
  3. Putrid Voices
  4. Sacrificed For Worship
  5. From Human To Fiend
  6. Condemned To Hell Sores
  7. Legions Of Death




Mexico’s Morbid Messiah unleashes their debut EP on the unsuspecting world. The title pretty much tells what you need to know. The EP is just over 20 minutes of pure old school death metal. 

Of the 6 tracks here only one exceeds 5 minutes. Each track is a quick, urgent attack on the listener. 'I Am Your lord' has that basic, raw demo feel to it like the early Hellhammer demos or something from Sweden in the early 90’s. There are some terrific leads in there also. 'Sacrificed For Worship' has a great little groove and vocalist Jose Rivas gives off an almighty hellish, tortured scream! 'Condemned To Hell Shores' is a bit slower paced and a bit more doom laden before picking up the pace later on.

While they are not the most original band in the world they deliver exactly what they intend to and this is a solid, nasty little EP which is well worth checking out. I think the band would have benefitted from a little bit more variation in the short time they had to present themselves but you get the overall picture of what the band are about. If you like "Scream Bloody Gore", "Slowly We Rot" and a bit of Autopsy you will lap this up.

Label Name: 
Godz Ov War Productions