MortSubite - Deimos

Track Listing: 

  1. Vortice
  2. Cronofago
  3. Elepsidra
  4. Pendulo
  5. Enomon
  6. Transhumanista
  7. Deimos



So I couldn't find anything written in English on this band, I think they're Spanish and no doubt everything within the 'Deimos' album follows this tricky language barrier. I wonder if they'll be able to even read the review? Maybe it's one of those google translate only issues. Well anyway, MortSubite have mashed together a well executed array of modern death metal and hardcore. Not in the vein of deathcore though, it lacks the overuse of breakdowns and other core attributes for the record to be following any footsteps in that direction. 

 Opener 'Vortice' is six minutes long, and erupts with growls, high screamed hisses and catchy riffs. It's got a black metal atmosphere to it but doesn't really relate to the genre other than the evil sounding hiss vocals and tremendous build-ups. For such a long introductional track it soon bestows that the band are capable of nailing the more gnarly approach to death metal, with everything pummelling at you at first chance. 

 The low vocals are demonic, as you'd want of course! As they howl throughout the album, the vocalist's techniques are demonstrated very similarly throughout each track, whilst the instrumental side of the band toys with many different styles. At times sounding like The Faceless with their wizard-like riffs, but the band mostly stick to a sound that Aborted would be proud of and this is the initial outcome of 'Deimos'.

 The album's structure is what lacks most here, as it becomes exceptionally natural to get lost throughout. This is especially detected with each track's length, which can put listeners off. 'Elepsidra' has a hugely impressive breakdown that put them back on track halfway through the album. Leading on from that is the shortest song here, 'Pendulo' which is the record's instrumental offering. This track is fitted perfectly in the middle of the album and provides space for listeners, before heading back into the chaotic storm that is 'Enomon'. These final three tracks really push the boundaries of MortSubite to their most creative content yet. Almost blaring with a Dillinger Escape Plan feel - the band crush through said titled track, and ending with the band's album-title track, and longest song here 'Deimos' states the confidence and musicianship that boasts here. 

 MortSubite are clearly capable of making a great death metal record, whilst not much of it would come across as memorable, there are exceptions with certain riffs and screams within. For a band so underground, there is hope that with the right support or tour slot, MortSubite could gain some decent exposure, as ultimately it is well deserved after this decent offering.

Label Name: 
Blood Fire Death