Necromorph - Grinding Black Zero

Grinding Black Zero
Track Listing: 


  1. Nautic Noise
  2. Idiotus Maximus
  3. Convicted To Breath
  4. Serve To Lead
  5. Exclusive Suffering
  6. Diary Of A Disease
  7. Brainless
  8. Shot
  9. Stagnation
  10. When A Whisper Breaks A Neck
  11. Panic Worldwide
  12. Necroville
  13. Forthcoming Emancipation
  14. Black Zero



This is the debut full length album from these German grind executioners. Coming across a lot like Rotten Sound, in fact Scandinavian in general grind terms, this is an ear splitting intensity lesson. There is an emphasis of a horrid racket and but thankfully not the poor instrumentation usually associated with some lesser ability bands, Necromorph have killer riffs and concentrate their efforts in playing these to perfection and thus break the stigma, this is a grind band that simply put every effort into a well-practiced piece of music. The quality continues with ‘Brainless’ which has an element groove and a relentless passion for chaos whilst being fully in control of their situation. 

Highlights remain encrusted in your mind and believe me there are many. But take particular note of ‘When a Whisper Breaks a Neck’ and ‘Necroville’. The latter takes the 3rd album period Napalm Death to school and study that teaching hard they have, but not merely a copycat, once again, the musicianship and recording quality shines through.  The album clocks in at less than 30 minutes, my review is short by comparison, but there is not much more you need to know. If you are after an intense listen, look no further than ‘Grinding Black Zero’, Necromorph provides the necessary pleasure and pain synopsis when it comes to good grind and matches these qualities by rewarding the listener with effortless musical instrument mastery. 


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