Nervochaos - Quarrel In Hell

Quarrel In Hell
Track Listing: 

1. Horde Of Demons
2. Cursed Soul
3. Televangelism
4. Evocations
5. Scavengers Of The Underworld
6. The Ancient Aeon
7. Putrid Pleasures
8. Nailed To The Bed Of Worms
9. Everlasting Death
10. The Urge To Feel Pain


Before you read this review you have to buy the album first..... Oke, so now you have it and it is also playing? Now let say together: holy fuck! Yes, it fucks you right up. I only have their first album "Pay Back Time" outta 1998 so didn't know what to expect. But they improved a lot, not only technically and handle their instruments but also a huge step into the brutality. This album can not be compared to their debut and put the band at once in the brutal scene. Heavy and extremity go along in up tempo songs with slam mosh midparts. Growling vocals, changing drumpatterns and rough riffing. Count with those they also got participation of Krisiun, Averse Sefira, Incantation, Dark Funeral and Napalm Death. So do I need more to say? This album fucks me in an ecstatic pleasure...

Label Name: 
Tumba Records