Nervochaos - The Art Of Vengeance

The Art Of Vengeance
Track Listing: 

  1. The Harvest
  2. For Passion Not Fashion
  3. The Devil's Work
  4. Betrayed
  5. From Below and not Above
  6. Blood Ritual
  7. Rotten Moralismo
  8. Shadows of Destruction
  9. Ghost of the Past
  10. What is Dead May Never Die
  11. The Legacy is Pain
  12. Lightless



"The Art Of Vengeance" is the title of the 2014 release from Brazil's Nervochaos, and it and extremely strong offering in the underground death metal genre. This is my introduction to the band, and from what I see they have a discography dating back to 1996. To say that this is strictly death metal is pushin the boundaries to say the very least. influences are abound, chaotic, and absolutely crushing. The sounds here are stripped down to their basic elements but are played and presented in such a way that makes these guys serious contenders to the "brutality through simplicity" throne. Even though this CD might be a bit simplistic, trust me, this band hold their their own again any number of the most technically diverse band playing death metal. 

Upon listening to this album for the first time, I immediately picked up on influences such as Sarcofago and early Sepultura. The Sarcofago influence would be from the "Rotting" album and the Sepultura influence would be from "Bestial Devastation" only with better production. Add to that influences such as Slayer ("Show No Mercy" era), and dare I say Metallica ("Kill 'Em All" and "Ride the Lightning" era). I know the Metallica influence might sound strange, but I'm telling you that it's in there. It's not as prominent as the others but it is most definitely there. Most of the tracks on here have a pretty decent pace to them, but on a couple tracks the band slows things down and it gives a doom type vibe to the material and the tone of the guitars seems to have an extra added "bite" as well. Aside from that, I would say the guitars on here sound more like those you would find on most thrash metal albums than those on death metal albums. Another simplistic aspect of the material here is the lyrics. For a lot of the songs here there aren't a lot of lyrics and the lyrics that are there are repeated quite a bit. Usually that is an annoyance for me, but it actually works here. The lyrics writing for this album is straight to the point and the vocals that deliver these lyrics are devastating and right in your face! Everything about this album is old school by design and old school in delivery. 

Even though I've mention 2 classic Brazilian bands as influences, these guys are good enough that they can step out of their shadows and really do not need to be compared to them or any other band from that country. In listening to this CD, all I could think of is how this band is going to add to the thick metal heritage that the country of Brazil has had over the last 2 or 3 decades. With the way the times and musical tastes of the fans are changing, it is not easy to keep their attention, but Nervochaos know exactly how to do it and with this release they will succeed in appealing to fans of both death and thrash metal and could even extend that to other sub-genres as well. This album will take you back to times when this type of music was fresh and knew and quite inventive. It's bands like Nervochaos that put smiles on the faces of metal heads because not only are they true to themselves and true to the fans, they are true to the perfection of metal in its absolute form. This is a great effort and I recommend that all fans of thrash and death metal get this CD as soon as humanly possible!

Label Name: 
Greyhaze Records