Nervochaos - To The Death

To The Death
Track Listing: 

1. Mark Of The Beast
2. Sheep Amongst Wolves
3. Your World's Trend
4. Gospel Of Judas
5. The Exile
6. To The Death
7. Hate
8. Smoking Mortal Remains
9. Mind Under Siege
10.Delusions And Lies
11.Destroyer Of Worlds
12.Warlords Unbound
13.Wolves Curse



What we have here is a four-piece death metal band from Sao Paolo,Brazil and "To The Death" is their fifth full-length album. This CD is being released by the cult Cogumelo Records (the label exists since 1980!) so don't expect any modern sounding stuff,this is oldschool to the max!

The opening track "Mark Of The Beast" shows clearly Nervochaos' musical direction - fast and darkened death metal in the vein of Deicide and old Morbid Angel. Tracks like "The Exile" reveal a strong influence from the first records of Cannibal Corpse. Since Nervochaos are from Brazil,the elements of crossover thrash are also present in their death metal sound. "Your World's Trend","Hate" and "Mind Under Siege" carry the bloody sign of the true street hardcore of the legends Ratos De Porao and the oldschool thrash fury of the early Sepultura and Criminal sound. In terms of production,"To The Death" is on a decent level and it is obvious that those Brazilian guys are experienced musicians and know how to handle their instruments. The weak spot of this album though is its length. At some point the thirteen tracks start to sound similar to one another and the main reason is that Nervochaos follow one and the same formula of simple riffs and beats for every song. It gets boring after a while and the raw intensity of the opening tracks is lost to the end of the CD. "To The Death" is far from bad album but nowadays this isn't enough to be noticed in the sea of similar bands. No doubt that Nervochaos play good brutal metal though so if you are fan of the Brazilian metal school then check them out!


Label Name: 
Greyhaze Records