Neurogenic - Ouroboric Stagnation

Ouroboric Stagnation
Track Listing: 

  1. Absorption Of Oblivion
  2. Subdural Breeding
  3. Immersion
  4. Warden Domain
  5. Endless Outrage
  6. Vortex Of Uncreation
  7. Allotriophagical Obsession
  8. Soul Enthralled
  9. Spirited Bloody Emesis
  10. Ouroboric Stagnation
  11. Eternal Path Of Enslaved



International band Neurogenic, featuring members from Russia, United States and Italy, have unleashed upon the metal masses their debut album entitled “Ouroboric Stagnation”. Having only a demo release under their belt before this, the band have really solidified their style and sound with having 2 releases. The band has been around since 2012, but I think that the dedication of being in an international band and making sure everything is done in a precise and pinpointed way, insures that the finished product will be nothing short of dominating in terms of sheer brutality.

I usually start off talking about the guitars, but what really struck a chord with me was the drumming style. There are obviously triggers where needed, but the type of snare style and sound reminds me of the style you would hear from a lot of South American and over seas gore grind bands. This really sets the mood for the impending brutality the listener is definitely in for with this release. The drumming style reminds me of bands like Bloody Gore, Infected Flesh, Lymphatic Phlegm, and Putrid Offal. You can’t really define this drumming style as old school or new school as, to me, this style is timeless and a great way to pay respects to bands who have already paved the way for new bands playing now who will leave a lasting legacy for the next generation.

The guitar style is pretty run of the mill here as far as riff construction goes, but it rides the fine where it could be considered slightly technical and reminiscent of bands like Origin, Cephalic Carnage, and maybe even a little Suffocation. From what I am hearing the fretwork sounds pretty extensive which, to me, speaks volumes in terms of talent and ability in the creation and delivery of the material. Even the bass is brought out a little more than what other bands playing this type of music do. I wouldn’t say this release is bottom heavy but rather heavy throughout the entire album. The combination of all the elements here results in on of the best brutal death metal releases I have heard so far this year. Add to this the vocals, which sound like a gore grind version of Chris Barnes’ growls from “Butchered At Birth”, and you have a release that is simply devastating.

Can’t say this is the perfect brutal death metal album, but for some reason, this one stands out. I think that part of the reason that is is because of the multicultural aspect within the band. Having so many people from different parts of the world coming together to create something so monstrous is not only a sign of unity in music, but a sign of unity in the world. A sign of brotherhood forged in blood, sweat, and metal!

Label Name: 
Comatose Music