Nitemare - Headin Off To Saudi Arabia

Headin Off To Saudi Arabia
Track Listing: 

  1. I Fuckin’ Hate You!
  2. Thou Shalt Thrash
  3. No Mercy



This Canadian thrash band formed in the early 90’s, but have been a bit sparse with releases. This EP is their first for a good 5 years. The opener ‘I Fuckin’ Hate You’ is full on in your face, kind of like Destruction clashing heads with DRI and having a few beers with Sodom after the match. The production made me check my audio leads, there’s a few drop outs, but that could simply be the version I have in my hands I guess. Hey if I was ever going to believe in any higher power and they said ‘Thou Shalt Thrash’, then hell yeah, that’s what I’ll take any day than another form of preaching. Although, the vocals do grind (sic) me down a little, they are certainly an acquired taste (and yes they sound more like modern grindcore), but the riffs, yeah, that’s the water of life for this release. Although I must stress there’s no religious connotations that I can find here, no matter what you may think about the title of the release and the cover itself and my earlier synopsis! 

There’s only 3 tracks, there’s pure annihilation from the guitars and the energy, but I am not keen on the vocals.  Production wise, it works but doesn’t travel that well unless in an isolated space. Let’s see what else appears from this band in the near future as the delivery makes you want to go out and thrash the life out of inanimate objects whilst having a bloody great smile on your face whilst doing so!

Label Name: 
Self released