Oncology - Infinite Regress

Infinite Regress
Track Listing: 

  1. Infinite Regress
  2. Beheading Of The Prophets
  3. To Summon Pyriel
  4. Dethronement Of A Fallen Diety
  5. Prelude To Oblivion
  6. Ascension Of The Parasite
  7. Denounced To The Execration Of Posterity
  8. The Desolation Of Hope



Their demo of 2015 was a big slap in the face like I said back then. I had the privilege to do that specific review and I was amazed by the  amount of sheer brutality those British bastards reeked of. Nothing though could foretell the destruction that was about to follow. 

"Infinite Regress" is their first full length and it totally breaks everything in its way. Released under Rising Nemesis Records, it bares the heavy duty of succeeding a really brutal demo and I can tell you right here and now, "Infinite Regress" makes their demo look so tiny. Let’s start backwards here and specifically, let’s start production-wise. "Infinite Regress" has one of the best brutal death metal productions out there. The combination of clarity and turbidness at its finest. Usually most of these brutal death metal releases tend to lean more to one or the other and of course what’s preferable is turbidness. But these British freaks here managed to have equal amounts of both without one getting in each other’s way. Every instrument can be heard loud and clear but on the same time the sound is muddy, huge and cohesive.

Song construction-wise, I would have to say that these dudes balance very well in the thin line between brutality and technicality without getting boring. Brutal riffs based on fifth power chords, combined with more technical ones and a great drum programming that includes no exaggerations. Aims only to bring forth the brutality Oncology’s music reeks of. Great chops and a fat and loud bass following the riffs, creating a thick cement sound wall. Heavy shit I’m tellin ya. The vocals are simply out of this world. Mr. Geoff Bradley here has done an exquisite work on the vocal part. Gutturals able to tear your eardrums combined with grunts here and there and they are done so easily. He makes it look easy when it is definitely not. 

The songs succeed one another and after 27 minutes you will find yourself pushing the play button again. It just won’t leave the stereo so easy. The brutal death metallers should already be ordering it. The old schoolers out there should definitely give it a chance as these guys can pack atmosphere between the cracks of brutality that they may find really appealing. Xtra points for the awesome cover artwork that completes an exquisite release for 2016. Horns up!

Label Name: 
Rising Nemesis Records