Pandemonium - Hellspawn

Track Listing: 

1. Frost
2. Hellspawn
3. Hypnotic Dimension
4. The Larva Plague
5. Hatesound Eternal
6. Die Hard
7. Destination of Hellfire
8. Emperor Diabolic
9. The Legion
10. Furious Dogs


Polish death metallers, Pandemonium, have released a heavy dark metal album entitled "Hellspawn". Founded in 1989, Pandemonium has worked with some of the best death metal bands on the scene including Morbid Angel and Cannibal Corpse. They show no mercy on this CD and bring death metal full force in your face while also bringing  an evil melodic twist to it.

Blending a brutal mix of harsh vocals and thunderous drums with melodic groovy guitars makes for one hell of a  release. The sinister lyrics deal with topics covering Satan, demons, and death. They are presented in the  typical growling death metal fashion. However, giving the album a more demonic feel is the vile wicked background  vocals. These background vocals can be heard throughout the entire album but are especially prevalent on the song  entitled "Hypnotic Dimension." This song showcases their talent nicely. It's harmonic, foul, and dark feel are  presented perfectly...creating an atmosphere of the darkest evil.

Overall this is an excellent album. The variety is great and the combination of thrash and melodic elements mixed  with death metal creates a sinfully sweet feel to the CD. While the nice tempo changes and differing rhythms and  beats keep things interesting. This is a must have for your collection... you won't be disappointed.

Label Name: 
Mystic Production