Pandemonium - Promo 2010

Promo 2010
Track Listing: 

1. Black Forest    
2. God Delusion


The underground phenomenon, Pandemonium, has allowed us a glimpse into their upcoming full length release "Misanthropy" with 2 promo songs entitled "Black Forest" and "God Delusion".
With all the same mesmerizing volatile evil as previous releases, they have managed to create the perfect mix of subtle black and intense death metal with these promos. They have captured a much darker, doomier atmosphere than on their previous release "Hellspawn" and brought us two of the most creative, atmospheric songs to hit the underground in a long time.  
"God Delusion" has a more subtle contemporary black metal feel to it. Yet it still contains the dark heaviness of death metal that only Pandemonium can bring. Vocally, it's perfection with the music. The vocals are used as an instrument adding to the overall vile feel of the song. The death metal vocals combined with subtle black metal vocals take the listener on a foul journey into the pits of hell. The vile evil pouring from Paul's mouth is what makes this such a spectacular blend with the grooving chunky guitars that were so prevalent on the last release.

"Black Forest" is just as atmospheric as "God Delusion" but without the contemporary sound to it. This mix of styles is what makes an album interesting and is why Pandemonium is top notch. "Black Forest" is pure death metal. The intense drumming, excellent guitar work, and again, the trademark vocals that only Paul has mastered, combine with the music and work together perfectly.  

Pandemonium is the most superior death metal band in the underground. Their music is death metal perfection. If these songs are an indication of that which is yet to come then bring on "Misanthropy"... we don't like to be teased.  

Label Name: 
Pagan Records