Poppy Seed Grinder - Bleeding Civilization

Bleeding Civilization
Track Listing: 

  1. Dominant Class Of Animals
  2. Humans Are Dead
  3. Variety X
  4. Cesspit Of Demagoguery
  5. Going Through
  6. Blindead
  7. Disfigured Face Of The Earth
  8. Reign Of Fear
  9. Bleeding Civilization
  10. Oppressed Reality (bonus track)



Poppy Seed Grinder are finally back with their third full length. Been a long time since 2008 and "Humanophobia", but they haven’t been exactly what we’d call, radio-silent. 2-3 demos sporadically, have shown their intentions of what’s to come. "Bleeding Civilization" is the name of their new atrocity released through Amputated Vein Records, and I believe it will satisfy any fan of them already there. Their release is definitely enlisted among the brutal death metal ones, but Poppy Seed Grinder have the tendency to mix their shit with groovy beats a lot. So in the end what you get is a groovy brutal death metal amalgam that doesn’t sound bad at all. 

'Dominant Class Of Animals' breaks the silence. Starts blasted and relentless after a short intro. Full on pig squeals and guitar harmonics. Brutality lasts something less than a minute though as it gives its place to a groovy beat and this is how most of the songs are constructed. What these guys tried to do here is mix brutality with the groove the songs need for not getting boring. Heavy guitars and heavy chops in the songs succeed crazed blasting moments and then they give their place to new extreme blasting sessions, all accompanied by a growler that tears his throat up in many ways. The dominant vocal style is the typical death metal growl here but the guy has no problem to go from there, to guttural, to pig squeal and then back to growling again. Second track underway and same motive goes on. Blastbeats and groove giving their place to each other, creating music to be played live. 'Variety X' sets off a bit different with an up tempo, hardcore beat and then carries on from there. 

Poppy Seed Grinder haven’t produced a dull, typical brutal death metal album here. On the other hand what they’ve done with "Bleeding Civilization" will not shake the very foundations you’ve built your death metal world upon. As the songs proceed, it gets obvious that what they wanted to create here (intentional or unintentional makes no difference) was music to be performed live. Each and every track in this album is intimate live material. Cohesive and with the appropriate ups and downs to create a great mosh pit. 

After 30 minutes and 10 songs the album rolls from the start again and I have to complement the guys for the great production. Their style is brutal and definitely needs dirt in the production (personal aspect always), but these guys here have some groovy hardcore beats and some more typical death metal moments other than the typical blasted freakin ones. So they needed another type of production that wouldn’t bury everything in the name of roughness. What they’ve managed to go with here, is loud and fat instruments without anything getting in each other’s way, giving it the proper space to breathe. Fat loud and clear but then again, not irritating clear. Appropriate I would say for their style. Morbid Angel meets Six Feet Under meets Suffocation and what so ever. Honest and brutal shit from the Czech veterans. Definitely worth a shot.

Label Name: 
Amputated Vein Records