Punish - Panik

Track Listing: 

  1. Call  
  2. Pan  
  3. First 
  4. Veils  
  5. Invert  
  6. Binding  
  7. Mother 
  8. Eternal



The last I heard from these Swiss guys were when they were support to the legendary Nocturnus (or a version of!) in 2008 in London. Fast forward some considerable time and the technical and often progressive death metal is on par with some of the leaders in the field, especially the technical wizardry of their arrangements. This is feel is more for those who like their instruments more so than an album that covers all bases. 

But, that said, it’s a very good release in their field. ‘'Veils' I pay particular attention too, with its somewhat melodic riffing stance, mixed with time signature variations and a really precise recording quality. The ideas have all been captured during the recording process and the overall production is rather good. I wouldn’t say "Panik" is an album you’d get a lot of feedback from if you were to play constantly, but for the occasional guilty pleasure, it’s pretty perfect. When you get immersed the tunes they really sit well with your consciousness. I like the fact that no matter how many times you listen, you can hear new things here and there, the depth is really rewarding. But I said earlier, it’s more of a guilty pleasure, well that’s simply because I feel this is more technical for the instrument lovers but will also be a big bit the technical death metal fans that like their art would a touch more soul rather than pure speed and shredding. A touch of genius on one hand and more expansive than earlier material.

Label Name: 
Self released