Ruinous - Graves Of Ceaseless Death

Graves Of Ceaseless Death
Track Listing: 

  1. The Tombs Of Blasphemy  
  2. Transfixed On The Gate  
  3. Dragmarks  
  4. From Flames Of Malice Born  
  5. Procession Of Ceaseless Sorrows  
  6. Ravenous Eternal 
  7. Plague Maiden  
  8. Through Stygian Catacombs  
  9. Torn Forever From The Light



This is a beast of a release that features Alex Bouks (Immolation, Funebrarum, Goreaphobia, Incantation) and the style is pretty much summed up as a combination of the aforementioned bands. The filth is pure rotten, the aggression is raw and energetic. The gurgling vocal is pure sickness, but that’s what makes this release a death metal cavalcade of the filthiest order. Albeit straight to the point on one hand, and laboured on the other…by mixing groove ridden DM, a touch of grind beats and a certain nod to the classics of death metal and doom, Ruinous don’t mess around in the grand scheme of things. Although critically one or two of the tracks hang around a little too long, in this modern age I fear some may miss all the nastiness…endure, it’s worth it.

Make no bones about it, there’s nothing too surprising, it’s all as expected, however don’t think it’s a boring release. The production may be an acquired taste to some, others will relish in this, the ambience more than anything gives this a monster appeal. Dark, dank and harsh, this is how it sounds and how you feel. With a track like ‘Through Stygian Catacombs’ maybe over 11 minutes, but what a ride. The doomy skin peeling start and shrieking lead breaks pertain torture, dragging your filthy carcass through this pile of bile will have a worthwhile conclusion but in places, the vocals overpower the music, just a touch. The shorter heads down tracks such as ‘Transfixed On The Gate’ go more Scandinavian with a d-beat, a grumbling distorted guitar with so much low end sustain, you’ll be drained of blood by the time the natural tail off of the note has a chance to subside. 

Rotten, dank, perilous, doomy death metal that’s simple, effective, and pure pretty much describes the album. It’s not breaking boundaries, but its hammering the nail in the cracks all the same in an effort to tear your soul apart and commit you to the dark side of human existence and thereafter.

Label Name: 
Dark Descent Records