Sacramental Blood - Ternion Demonarchy

Ternion Demonarchy
Track Listing: 

1. Demonized 
2. Buildings Of Burning Flesh 
3. Nearest To The God 
4. Destroyer Of Thought And Form 
5. Aeons 
6. Sanctimonious 
7. The Relic 
8. Livid Deaths Descend! 
9. Imposed Resurrection 
10. De Praestigiis Daemonum



Firstly I'll state that I am not a fan of reviewing albums via streamed link either through Bandcamp, YouTube or Soundcloud but I will let this Serbian band off as this album is a crushing slab of ferocious death metal. 

With a couple of splits and demos out over a period of ten years or so the band finally has a full length out and I am sure they are extremely pleased with the results of their efforts. The brutal riff that starts this release is immense and formulates an immediate path this band takes with this release when the opener 'Demonized' blasts in. The production is modern as expected and whilst a lot of these modern productions render death metal albums sterile it does not here even though the playing is clinically executed. There are a myriad of influences I can hear on this album, from the early pulverising Sinister material to 80s Slayeresque riffs and lead breaks. 

'Buildings Of Burning Flesh' continues the sonic savagery but in a slower guise which enables this album to retain momentum but offer fluidity throughout. There is technicality here too that hints of early Decapitated and Hate Eternal but not as complex overall it is fair to say. I completely adore the drum sound on this album and yes it is mechanized battery but also organic and pristinely bludgeoning at all times. The snare blast hits like a nail gun and the double kick equates to a jackhammer on the torso. As we get to 'Destroyer Of Thought And Form' the riffing sets a path towards utter annihilation as the speed is insane and influentially has a Morbid Angel flavour. Whilst my comparisons to other acts offers the reader something to decide whether to investigate this band or not the song writing is their own. I thoroughly enjoyed 'Sanctimonius' which is far slower with an intermittent double kick and accompanying riff. The melody and change of tempo is fantastic and truly absorbing as the tune builds slowly but does not resort to blasting preferring to slaughter the listener with a bulldozing double kick. 

There is an urgency and vibrancy about this album that isn't found often in today's modern extreme metal market, you can almost feel the fingers bleeding of the guitarists during 'Imposed Resurrection' as the cohesion of their song writing enables you to wallow within the bands infectious riffing and neck snapping rhythms that veer towards outright bedlam at times. Anyone who hears this will put it into their top ten death metal releases of 2016 and whilst there is an air of familiarity there is also an authenticity about Sacramental Blood that is completely addictive and I hope I can see this band live at some point. Outstanding death metal that is devastating on every level.

Label Name: 
Ghastly Music