Sacred Steel - Heavy Metal Sacrifice

Heavy Metal Sacrifice
Track Listing: 

  1. Intro (Glory Ride)
  2. Heavy Metal Sacrifice
  3. The Sign Of The Skull
  4. Hail The Godz Of War
  5. Vulture Priest
  6. Children Of The Sky
  7. Let There Be Steel
  8. Chaos Unleashed
  9. The Dead Walk The Earth
  10. Beyond The Gates Of Nineveh
  11. Iron Donkey



Germany’s Sacred Steel have returned with their follow-up to 2013’s “The Bloodshed Summoning” entitled “Heavy Metal Sacrifice”. This album contains everything fans have grown to love from this band and, despite the album title, nothing is sacrificed in their search for metallic perfection. That’s pretty much what you have here, so whether you’ve been a fan since the beginning, or you are just picking up on them recently, This album is sure to satisfy each and every craving for epic power metal that you could have.

The guitar work from Jens Sonnenberg and Jonas Khalil seems pretty original and true to form, with elements that make the riffs sound a bit “thrashy”. I really don’t believe it’s done as a filler, but it certainly does add a certain depth not only to the sound, but the material itself. The sound here reminds me of the glorious tones of Iron Maiden’s “Somewhere in Time” and Iced Earth’s “Night of the Stormrider” combined with the edgy aura of early Hallows Eve. It’s odd I know, but its there and it is within the most subtle of things that you realize just how much impact it has on the sound of the music. There are times when the guitars have a slight grit to them and other times when they are “clean” and razor sharp striking you right through your soul. There is not much deviation where the drums are concerned as the style stays pretty traditional throughout the entire album. Even so, The talent and ability is quite evident to the point that if the drummer wanted to push the envelope a little bit, there would be no issue as to whether or not he would be able to handle the situation. An absolute flawless performance for Mathias Straub behind the kit. He continues to dominate on the drums just like he did on “The Bloodshed Summoning”. The bass lines from Kai Schindelar are kind in the background too much for my liking. They are definitely there but, in my opinion the volume definitely should have been turned up a bit on the mixing. It’s still a great performance nonetheless. I ust hate for bands of this magnitude to have any aspects of their music taken away because of an oversight in the mixing or production. Gerrit Mutz does a fantastic job on vocals. On of the best in the genre of power metal. It was even nice to hear him pull a death metal growl out of his repitoire. The Nevermore/Sabbat/Sanctuary vocal influence seems to carry over from the last album and the vocal patterns chosen fit the material quite nicely. When you put every aspect of this album together, you have an absolute power metal classic which cannot be debated.

Sacred Steel is a band that bears the true and undying mark of heavy metal upon their hearts for all eternity. This latest effort only shows that they are here to stay in order to spread their love, intensity, and dedication for a form of music that a lot of us have grown to love and live by. I, for one, appreciate everything this band has done for music, and more specifically, this genre. Thank you, Sacred Steel, for another awesome offering of 100% pure, classic metal.

Label Name: 
Cruz Del Sur Music