Sammath - Godless Arrogance

Godless Arrogance
Track Listing: 
  1. Shot In Mass
  2. Fear Upon Them
  3. Thrive In Arrogance
  4. Godless
  5. Death
  6. This World Must Burn
  7. Through Filth And The Remains of Man
  8. Nineteen Corpses Hang In The Mist



Sammath has been giving us dirty black metal from The Netherlands since 1995 and here in 2014 they give us their fifth full length, "Godless Arrogance". This time we've been given the most unrelenting hate of all.

To sum it up in one thought.... this is not easy listening. The album starts off with a gun shot to the head with, 'Shot In Mass'. A bullet ride of blast beats and grindy black metal blast you. A song like 'Fear Upon Them', uses more harmonies and groove. This is a nice dynamic to most of Sammath's repertoire. Also shows you that their not just good at grinding off skin, but also good at making you zone out to their tasteful harmonies. On 'Through Filth And The Remains Of Man', around the 2:26 mark you feel your about to go into a break.... oh but no. Instead it's like hyper drive through an unrelenting vortex. This track has cool spacey sounding leads and somewhat reminds of a touch of Gigan.

Atmospheric, gritty but yet crisp. Hard to find on one record. This album is focused and leaves you satisfied. If you want something that is tasteful yet direct and in your face then you need to listen to "Godless Arrogance".

Label Name: 
Hammerheart Records