Sammath - Triumph In Hatred

Triumph In Hatred
Track Listing: 
  1. Blood
  2. Burn In The Fires Of Hell
  3. Interlude Torment
  4. Damnation
  5. Blazing Storm In Steel
  6. Triumph In Hatred
  7. The Dead Lay Torn


A little history of Sammath wouldn't hurt as the band is active since 1994 already. The founding member and the driving force is Jan (instruments/vocals) born and raised in Australia. In 1989 moved to Holland and now living in Germany. Inspired by early black and thrash metal Sammath starts to record own songs and releasing them on the Folter Records. Debut "Strijd" released in 1999 followed by "Verwoesting/Devastation" in 2002. But Jan had the vision to become a full band and the hunt for members was started. Drummer Koos joined and "Dodengang" saw the black light in 2006. To promote the album Sammath was joined by Hanna (guitars) and Cor (vocals) on stage to perform their evil black death metal hymns.

November 1st 2009. The birth of full length number 4 baptized "Triumph In Hatred". On this album the aggression blows away your skin from your bones. The sound is dark and bold in which the songs find their way. Guitars are not too compex in riffing but are compressed in haunting rhythms. The riffs are played like a hypnotic pendulum. And what really does the job are the leads from Magnus (Magnificat). His leads are coming sometimes unexpected but also make the bridge between a fast part and the breakdown. But in the track "Blazing Storm in Steel) is making a little mistake when he is doing the scale step at 4.25 minutes. Besides the guitars there are also vocals and drums. The vocals are sung by a tormented soul who wants to be unleashed from its coffin. Hey, now you understand the great artwork done by Tony Koehl. Maybe the vocals could be doing variation in its tone but on the other hand it sounds cool when the chorus lines are repeated frequently. You start screaming along very quickly like "Burn in the fire.." in the title track. And this takes us to the drums which are mixed in the front and are not only fast, tight and brute but also changing rhythm, speed and melody frequently and unexpectedly.

Summing up this is most likely their moves prestious album which becomes addictive when you listen to it a lot. I had the album on my iPhone the whole week and it won't get bored. For all those black death metal fans I would say buy the vinyl version as the cover artwork is really great and if not, buy the CD and be part of their triumph!

Label Name: 
Folter Records