Sarcófago - Rotting

Track Listing: 

  1. The Lust
  2. Alcoholic Coma
  3. Sarcofago, Rotting, Tracy - Tracy
  4. Rotting
  5. Sex, Drinks, & Metal
  6. Nightmare



This reissue of Sarcófago’s "Rotting", put out by Greyhaze Records, is phenomenal to say the least. This is an album that has been deserving of a proper re-release for so many years. When it originally came out, I mistakenly overlooked it and didn’t care to listen to it right away. When I finally did, I wasn’t sure that I liked it. It wasn’t until years later when I learned to appreciate the absolute the raw and evil hatred contained within this massive tempest of pure metal.

If you are another one who has missed out on this release, then I strongly urge you to pic up on this one. Greyhaze Records has managed to maintain the aura, and coldness of the original emotions contained in the original recordings. The very fact that this re-release was handled with such respect and reverence is worth any metal head having this in their collection. From the sheer face ripping riffs to the bone crushing drums, this version of the album will take you back to the day it was recorded. Even though it took awhile for this particular album to grow on me, I have so much respect for it as well as the band. I see this release as one of the most important in this particular genre and in underground metal as a whole. It cannot get much more primal than what you will hear on these tracks.There is nothing all that technical here, but the unparalleled brutality has often been imitated but never matched. No matter how you look at it, this album is a classic.

An added bonus to this release is that it contains a live show in Belo Horizonte from 1991. Considering this show was held in a gymnasium the quality is fairly decent and the transfer to dvd is pretty amazing. The show contains 5 songs and the the intensity level is pretty high for the band. Having this album reissued is a gift in istelf, but to have a show on dvd to be included is, really, a welcomed bonus. If you want to know what some of the truest and most unadulterated metal in the world is, then look no further than Sarcófago’s "Rotting" The insanity contained within these tracks is an awesome introduction to the band if you have never heard them before, and their sickening in your face style will have this CD getting plenty of stereo time. Much respect goes out to Greyhaze Records for putting this album back out there for the die hard metal fans.

Label Name: 
Greyhaze Records