Sawhill Sacrifice - Deus Humana Satanas

Deus Humana Satanas
Track Listing: 
  1. Void 
  2. Unhola
  3. Wendigo
  4. God In Man
  5. Slow Black Rain
  6. Great Ones Solution



This album is for true die hard fans of the black arts. Conjuring influences from some serious heavy hitters like; Dissection, Emperor, Edge Of Sanity and Anaal Nathrakh. A fresh take on the logo design as well. It's great to be able to actually read the band name and still appreciate the artistic design. Finland always gives us something delectable and frostbitten. This is Sacrificial Slaughter's first full length and it's not to miss.

Your first immediate thought when the record starts is, "damn this sounds like Dissection." Although it retains its own unique qualities by also pulling influences from different areas. Every instrument is on point with style and execution. The guitar harmonies stand out the most and will keep you interested until the record stops spinning. With fresh writing and relentless riffs, "Deus Humana Satanas" has huge replay value. Songs like "Void, Unhola, and Wendigo" show off their speed and sheer relentless black metal assault. While songs like "God In Man, Slow Black Rain, and Great Ones" bring it down a notch and present more dynamic landscapes of texture and direction. Be careful you might start headmilling, so make sure all liquids are put away. The vocals are so well done and varied, which is a true treat in this genre. Sometimes when vocalist use two different pitches, such as high and low, they tend to overdo it and takes away from the actual song itself. The vocals remind me of Edge Of Sanity, Demelich and some County Medical Examiners along with that great wretched high pitched attack. The drummer is so on point his name should be Mr. Solid. Placing fills and changing the dynamics of his playing at just the right moments, really adds to the expansiveness of Sawhill Sacrifice. For this to be their first full length, they really nailed down the production. Absolutley perfect mix here and very clear, yet retaining that raw edge it needs.

So you need a solution to your metal needs? Well Sawhill Sacrifice gives you just that. Not to mention the last song is called "Solution". This stood out to me more than the other songs by the feeling of inner reflection I had while listening to it. A great way to end a magnificent album, just being able to sit back and finish absorbing what you just heard. Put on your headphones and prepare for your cheeks to hurt from smiling to much from the awesomness that "Deus Humana Satanas" retains.

Label Name: 
Violent Journey Records