Scalpture - Panzerdoktrin

Track Listing: 

  1. Forward March...
  2. ...Panzer Hooray!
  3. Lead From Ahead
  4. Dam Busters
  5. Flattened Horizons (Pounding Howitzers)
  6. No Rest, No Sleep, No Peace
  7. Incursion
  8. Not A Single Step Back
  9. Embrace The Afterglow



Scalpture have their debut album “Panzerdoktrin”, released by Final Gate Records, formed in 2009 in Germany, and with a demo and a EP now is time for an album. It is an outstanding album, in the vein of old school death metal and exactly the Swedish style.

The sound of Scalpture reminds me of bands like Entombed, Dismember or Grave. They mix the melody, the deep sounds, and of course that special guitar sound with the density of those days of 90s. They have got the spirit of that time. Since some time there is a rebirth of old school death metal and these germans are in the good path, the left one.

The theme on this album is about war, in that similar way of Bolt Thrower or Hail Of Bullets. Also the artwork breaths war and of course, the vocals are in the vain of Bolt Thrower. 

There are some parts that could be lost songs of the two bands named before. In some moments they also have the old hardcore touch of the old bands. Maybe if this album would have been recorded in the 90s we were talking about a classic of the genre, or a lost diamond rediscovered.

All the songs have a very good rhythmic base with solid sound of all instruments, the moments of speed and the slow are mixed with a good taste. Also melodic passages, but never melancholic, in the old Swedish way, with a dynamic movement.

After all this, I only have to say that you have to listen to this album and enjoy again the old school days. I hope to hear more of this good band in the nearby future.

Label Name: 
Final Gate Records