Scream In Darkness - Chas Krovavyh Prichastij

Chas Krovavyh Prichastij
Track Listing: 

  1. Himery - Chimeras
  2. Vosradujsja Smert - Rejoice Again Death (Rotten Womb)
  3. Komprachikos - Comprachicos
  4. Stal - Steel
  5. Lake Demon - Lace Daemon
  6. Chas Krovavyh Prichastij – An Hour Of Bloody Sacrament
  7. Kaligula - Caligula
  8. Mest’ 3 – Revenge 3
  9. Da Hranit Menja – Moja Nenavist - Let My Hate Save Me
  10. Krik - Scream



The history of the band Scream In Darkness, were originally called ‘Fallen Angel’ and took its beginning from November, 2004. On the 15th of October 2005 saw the band perform a debut gig at a club in Moscow, which turned out extremely successful. Since that unexpected and successful day, the history of gigs and developments from the band has well and truly begun. Along the way though, the band had a change of members and, as a consequence, also a change of a musical genre. Today the small press-release from the band can be read at concerts: “Distinctive feature - powerful rhythm-section and melodic losses on a background of volumetric keyboard effects.

By May, 2014 Scream In Darkness have released three full-length albums and two singles, one official video to "Stairs (Just Down)", and many past successful gigs in Russia, including a show with Dark Tranquillity (Sweden) in Moscow (December 2009) and Graveworm (Italy) in Rechitsa (Belarus, August 2010, August 2012).

Himery - Chimeras
Well it is a good start as I have indeed turned the volume up another notch to feast on the melodic swathes of potent savagery and sample the impacting rhythms that offer such merciless rampage.

Vosradujsja Smert - Rejoice Again Death (Rotten Womb)
Another blistering start that is so far turning into a maelstrom of metal madness. Those deep guttural growls are pleasing to the aural as ever. Sung in the native Russian tongue, really gives it a harsher stance.

Komprachikos - Comprachicos
Permeating from every corner of a deep ravenous groove this track smacks ferociously although the breakdown is highly imaginative with a slab of expansive melodic notes and a few sentences in Russian – all I can say is Отлично!!!

Stal - Steel
Eerie, ambient beginning and some haunting keys add to its depth and then furthering on it ignites into a dark unrelenting tirade of heavy beats and again a sprinkling of melodic keys.

Lake Demon - Lace Daemon
Kick beats a plenty here along with some extravagant guitar riffs. This is quite enchanting in a fascinating way. The rhythms are all empowering, deep and unmerciful.

The diversity of the album reaches no bounds and you can easily get wrapped up in its shifting melodic patterns and then it moves into a more brutal phase – A killing machine of metal and potentially a loaded, lethal gun!

Chas Krovavyh Prichastij – Hour Blood Sacraments
Very diverse and steeped with ambiance it broods into a brawling mass of menacing rhythm and melodic grandeur – there is a lot more than meets the ears to this track – definitely a favourite!

Kaligula - Caligula
A rather sneaky entrance for this track but a great build-up of sheer malevolence and hearty vocal intrigue. With plenty of helpings of superb melodic landscapes.

Mest’ 3 – Revenge 3
A bit of a sparse opening here, however the guitars rhythm possesses a really thick texture as it furthers and becomes a lot more interesting with the trappings of a huge melodic shadow and haunting accompaniment – actually this is another favourite.

Da Haranit Menja – Moja Nenavist - Let My Hate Save Me
Formidable and unusual so making it all the more diverse, the vocals turning from guttural to screechy and backed up by some jaw dropping rhythms that are passionate and trauma filled – love it!

Krik - Scream
Thrust into another whirlwind of destruction the final track is edgy and lingers with a slow embrace. The Russian accent is just so pleasing to the ears in a really savage and brutal way.

I think I have just found another band I am going to be listening to constantly! This is such a phenomenal album. Then again always been a sucker for melo-death so I am not surprised I love it to the point it will end up being imprinted across my mind for a long time to come.

The vocals are menacing and disturbing in all the right places and give out a feeling of extreme terror, although also deliciously mouth-watering and the haunting melodic keys are crafted to perfection.

There is a lot to caress the aural with here, from fast devilish passages to slow and more precise encounters – it is a really engaging masterpiece that plays well with the emotions in a seductive fashion.

The diversity of the album reaches no bounds and you can easily get wrapped up in its shifting melodic patterns and then it moves into a more brutal phase – A killing machine of metal and potentially a loaded, lethal gun!

Label Name: 
Self released