Seance/Denata - Kalloprion Kilmisteri - Silurian Overkill

Kalloprion Kilmisteri - Silurian Overkill
Track Listing: 

  1. Seance - Silurian Overkill
  2. Denata - Silurian Overkill
  3. Denata (feat. Niklas Stalvind) - Silurian Overkill



Seance and Denata may have been inactive for a while for their own recordings, but they have come together for this tribute record in honour of the great Lemmy Kilmister. Delving into a touch of background reading, in 2006 Mats E. Eriksson (a Swedish palaeontologist and heavy metal fan) named a fossil worm “Kalloprion Kilmisteri” in honor of Lemmy. Now, ten years later three bands namely Seance, Denata and Wolf interpreted this and brought to life ‘Silurian Overkill’. 

There are three versions here, one by each band and one with Denata adding Wolf’s Stalvind on vocals. Lyrics are written by Eriksson that essentially hail that fossil and Lemmy. The Seance track is favored, but this has different qualities. Possessing a strong production and meticulous execution, this nails you down hard. Although, the Denata version is really aggressive old school death metal and has a slightly different feel and delivery. Both actually are equally as powerful. The track with Stalvind’s vocals is a touch more straight metal, it doesn’t have the same power as the other two, but then again it has a different character. What I find cool about this release as a whole is that there are three versions written around a similar concept. Ach has their own merits and all are actually on point. 

As well as a digital release, there is a limited picture disc version also available as part of the Sonic Science Slam Explorer series by Mats E Eriksson. 

If all tribute releases were as good as this, you’d be happy. Lemmy would certainly be proud, they have done justice in all three cases, making and original sound and track based on a common theme. Much respect to all involved.

Label Name: 
Self released