Track Listing: 

1. Hermetycznosc
2. Prawo
3. Na naszych oczach
4. Samemu sobie
5. Mundurowe swinie
6. Zaraza
7. Niewolnik
8. Kontrola
9. Ideal
10. Experyment
11. Anit-spolecznosc
12. Exterminacja
13. Kula
14. TMMB-miet song


Polish grind from years ago. Lyrics are in polish too but the english translation is in the booklet. Dealing with social political subjects the music is giving it the form. Heavy and fast they rage from song to song with tempo breaks. Two vocalstyles which are use in the good way. Really a nice CD to get rid of your fucking stress.

Label Name: 
Selfmadegod Records