Serpent Spells – Mantras Within Ascending Fire

Mantras Within Ascending Fire
Track Listing: 

  1. Prism Of Flesh (Entrance)
  2. Piercing The Cervix Of Nehemah
  3. Scourge Heretic Consecration
  4. Mantras Within Ascending Fire



A storming debut EP from this three piece from Bangladesh. Mixing black and death metal seems to be a common thing nowadays it wasn’t two genres’ I often put together five or even three years ago. It’s not a bad thing but I hope it doesn’t become a trend. Anyway back to Serpent Spells this is a very cool first release from a very promising band.

Playing at just under 20 minutes we have an introduction piece and three tracks. Once the intro is out of the way we get the opening riff of 'Piercing The Cervix Of Nehemah' which immediately reminded me of Deicide. The track moves along covering a lot of ground, the band does a good job of leaping between genres without diluting the effect of either. As I say one minute we are hearing down and dirty death metal and the next minute we hear the tortured vocals and dark atmospheres of Norway’s black metal scene. Just take 'Scourge Heretic Consecration' for example; it wouldn’t sound out of place on a Gorgoroth album. I think that sums the band up pretty well a dark and deadly mixture of Gogoroth and Deicide you can’t go wrong!

All in all this is a very exciting new band with tons of potential. They are full of energy and hunger. I’m very much looking forward to an album from these. File Serpent Spells safely under “ones to watch”.

Label Name: 
Godz ov War Productions