Shinigami - The Arcane Order

The Arcane Order
Track Listing: 

  1. Ronin 
  2. The Way Of The Dragon  
  3. Order Of The Blade  
  4. Concubine Of Madness  
  5. 雨夜  
  6. Defiance



This is death/thrash from The Netherlands with a heavy eastern influence both from the imagery and lyrical content. Musically, not so much other than the instrumental on track 5 ‘雨夜‘ (a script i can’t translate easily!). This has eerie cellos mixed with traditional eastern stringed instruments, very effective although not quite suited in the current playing order of the 6 tracks in total. 

Moving onto ‘The Way Of The Dragon’ and ‘Order Of The Blade’ you’ll find plenty of modern music references, and a few riffs you may recognise by similarities not by exact tributes, especially from the melodic death metal field. The band take their influence from many sources and arrange their own music to suit. The presentation is invigorating, heavy, and brutal in places, but still reigned in enough to retain a sense of melody.

Being in such a tough and well represented field, ‘The Arcane Order’ steps outside of the box and gives more than many of their peers. The influences and delivery may sound similar, but the presence is unique to this band alone.

Label Name: 
Self released