Skeleton Wolf - Skeleton Wolf

Skeleton Wolf
Track Listing: 

  1. Bow Down To Death
  2. At The Sixth Foot
  3. M.P.F.F.
  4. Whatever Demons
  5. Eternal Lies
  6. She's Insane
  7. Forever Awake



Hailing from the United states is the band known as Skeleton Wolf, and they have unleashed upon us their self titled debut full-length LP, which is nothing short of a great show of superb musicianship. This band has only been around since 2015, but each member is extremely proficient in their skilled craft; so I am sure that the members of this band have had previous experience elsewhere. Either that or they have a ton of practice under their belts. Also, being labeled a black/thrash metal band couldn’t fit this band better. All the elements are there for both genres.

The riffs are extremely thrashy but also have a slight power metal type vibe to them. Not in an overpowering sense, but just enough to be effective. Especially when the CD starts off is when it’s most noticeable, but you can also pick up on it throughout the album. Other than that, try to picture more melodic versions of Exodus and Kreator. The melody of the riffs combined with the sharpness of the solos is a really nice effect as the 2 almost seem to merge in certain parts of the songs. It’s not that one compliments the other but more that this approach compliments the music as a whole. The drums are of a thrash/black metal style with just as much melody in the presentation and approach as the guitars. No spectacular over the top drumming here but it is very well played for the type of material it is. To me it sounds pretty simplistic as compared to other bands playing the same type of music. It works here. This is one of those occasions where you don’t need to be the most technical band in the world to get your point across. I must say that this is probably some of my favorite thrash style drumming I have heard recently. Especially from a new band, and even though the material isn’t all that technical, you can tell this guy has talent. The vocals, to me, sound like a mixture of low end growls from Hypocrisy and low end growls from Dimmu Borgir with a few well placed mid range screams where necessary. This vocal pattern does fit the material however, they could have gone with more of a raspy black metal style of vocal and it would have worked just as well. This is a very good listen that is also reminiscent of other bands such as Darkane, Dismal Euphony, Evereve, and Agathodaimon. Yes, this is an album that, while having a slight “new school” sound, will bring up nostalgic memories of old school bands.

It’s hard to believe that these guys have only been around for a year, and judging by the sound of this album, they will have a long and memorable career ahead of them. This was an extremely enjoyable release. I will say, though, that I would like to see them push things just a tad bit. While this is only their debut release, I don’t think they have quite defined their sound. However, that will come and I am sure that each future release will be better than the one before it. Get in touch with this band and get this CD and be sure to give them your support. They put some hard work and devotion into this release and deserved to be recognized for it.

Label Name: 
Self released